Violent Jealousy.

Violence to your “loved” one. What drives a person to hurt another? What makes a volatile situation tolerable? What justifies causing another pain or humiliation? What gives anyone the right to lord power over another being? What happens when they are beyond help? Does the person retreat inwards? Do they run like hell? What keeps them there? If they can not protect themselves from danger how can they protect others? How can they protect their own children? Or a hapless stranger? People that are violent.. are different and they take all shapes .. Anger and resentment builds up and without a vent the individual gets ugly. It’s hard to accept the behavior of others when your emotions run so deep and those that take your shit will keep on taking it because that’s just how it works. They’re yours to abuse and there’s no one to stop you. Then there are biters. People. Are they?

Skeleton Crew 13

When you are young there are so many things you don’t know and you go through a phase where your friends are easier to talk to than a parent. At the teen age of immaturity and impulsiveness life can quickly spiral out of control. Our friends are immature too and they have no idea about life either but together you make your way into adulthood. Sometimes those friends are for life. A bond no one can break, kids tell each other everything.

Suddenly parents are back seat drivers, all they seem to do is complain and criticize. Years of living don’t mean a lot when you are just beginning your life because some days you know it all, and then you don’t. That’s how it is for young folks. The bonds our children forge with others can drive us up over the wall and kids begin to aggravate others because they can and they derive a certain pleasure out of getting your goat. Some kids are especially good at it. Then it ‘s not funny anymore.

We stop communicating with sincerity and soon the cycles and patterns take root. Frustration and stress is causing friction and you do what you can to avoid another argument. As a struggling teenager your place in the family gets smaller and you lean heavier on your friends. You stop talking about what is meaningful and look for the fun in life. Too many times we stop having meaningful moments with those people we have loved for so long as we drift further apart and your child’s.. friend or lover begins to control and abuse your child, how would you know?. .